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TirupatiTirupati: The holy abode of Lord Venkateshwara

Tirupati or Tirumala is the country's most visited holy place for Hindus. Situated amidst the lush greenery atop a hill,  it is the home of powerful Hindu God, Lord Venkateshwara - one of the  incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Pilgrims swarm in throughout the year to get a glimpse of his idol. The outcroppings of red rock around the temple gives a very dramatic look to the place.

Legendarily the place was patronised by the Pallavas during 9th century AD. The temple rose into its full glory during the rule of Vijayanagar Dynasty in 15th century AD. From 1843 till about 1933, the administrative responsibilities of the temple were carried out by the Mahants of the Hatiramji Mutt. Tirupati is mainly a spiritual centre so the major sightseeing includes mostly the holy places like Tirupati Tempe, Sri Govindraja swami Temple, Sri Varahaswami Temple and Sri Kapileswara swami Temple. Forts can also be seen here like Chandragiri Fort and Gurramkonda Fort. Other major attractions of Tirupati include places like Silathoranam, TTD Garden, Sri Venkateshwara Museum, Deer Park and Kailasanathakona Falls. The Kailasanathakona Falls is an enchanting perennial waterfall situated in the Nagara Valley. It is considered as a sacred fall rich in minerals and medicinal powers.

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